Frequently Asked Questions

We have assembled some of the questions we have gathered from other interested Crystal Sands clients and yet we understand that there may be questions you have that are not included in these FAQ's so please contact us with your question and we will respond without taking up much of your time.

How many residences in Crystal Sands?
There are 20 residences total with four residences per floor with the fifth floor Penthouses being two-story residences.

Does each residence have ocean views?
Yes, each residence has a spacious balcony overlooking beautiful Langosta Beach only 50 meters from the building to the high surf line where you can enjoy outdoor living with the incredible Costa Rican sunsets and the sound of the breaking surf of the Pacific Ocean.

Is there direct access to the ocean from Crystal Sands?
Yes, Crystal Sands is one of the few condominiums with direct access to the beach and each residence has a key to the gate for convenience.

What is the size of the residences?
All residences are spacious especially in Costa Rican standards. There are 17 three bedroom three with bath residences ranging from approximately 227.72 square meters (2,450 square feet) to 286.12 Square meters (3.079 square feet) and the two story three bedroom Penthouse residences are 382.02 square meters (4,111 square feet) to 442.05 square meters (4,756 square feet). There are three two bedroom residences ranging in size from 230.26 square meters (2,478 square feet) to 251.49 square meters (2,706 square feet).

Are there furnished residences available?
Each residence is unfurnished, however, we have several companies who offer furniture packages for our residences or you can shop for yourself in the Liberia, San Jose, or the surrounding towns.

Are kitchen appliances included?
Yes, Crystal Sands is one of the few new projects that includes a complete kitchen appliance package as part of the residence and that includes a clothes washer and dryer.

What does the common area of Crystal Sands include?
Crystal Sands has a lovely pool area with plenty of room for quiet time, sunbathing, or use the rancho for a family gathering. The second floor has a common deck area overlooking the pool and lush mountains views to the east. Parking along with a storage area is provided in basement level parking garage. Crystal Sands has its own waste water treatment plant, back up generator for emergency use, fresh water storage for emergency, and a built in fire alarm system with emergency lighting.

Is there on-site security?
Yes, Crystal Sands is fully fenced with an entry Guard Gate manned 24/7 for your peace of mind and help.

What is the neighborhood like?
Langosta is an upscale area just alongside of the town of Tamarindo with million dollar single family detached homes on either side along the beach and the Cala Luna Resort across the roadway.

Is there television, phone, and internet service in each residence?
Yes, all provisions are available for you to order whichever service you desire.

Is the water safe to drink in Costa Rica?
Yes, most of Costa Rica has deep wells providing drinking water and Crystal Sands in no exception.

How long is the drive from the airport in Liberia?
It takes a little over an hour to get to Tamarindo by private car, cab, or shuttle. There are many rental car agencies and shuttle services from the airport to Crystal Sands and they can meet your flight without delay.

Can I get services for my stay by arranging my needs before I get to Crystal Sands?
Yes, Crystal Sands Condominium Association has hired Summerland Services (www.vacationrentalsoftamarindo.com) as the manager and Summerland also provides various services as needed by separate contract between the owner and Summerland. Summerland can provide any kinds of Concierge Service.

What if I want to rent by residence?
You can rent your residence on your own, with any local company, or Summerland can provide rental, maid, and full management services as well.

Can you describe Tamarindo, is it a large town?
Tamarindo is an old surfing village that is growing into a resort town but by in large still a small town with some new services like a new and modern food store and many fine restaurants with varying menus from the most fine dinning to the typically casual. You will not find any better restaurant or varying choices anywhere!

What kind of activities can I expect?
If you want to get active and not just relax by the pool, walk the beach, or read a book on you own ocean front terrace you can find great surfing, which is how Tamarindo was discovered, from beginner lessons at Tamarindo Beach to advanced waves up and down the coast. There is great deep sea fishing, snorkeling, diving, or discovering new hidden beaches by kayak. How about a dirt bike ride to Lola's for lunch and a swim, 18 hoes of golf at Hacienda Pinilla, a trip to the volcano and hot springs, or maybe to the lush jungle for a canopy tour or zip line ride? Costa Rica is small geographically and with local air service it makes in-country trips very easy in order to experience everything Costa Rica has to offer!

Do I have fee title or is there some kind of lease on the land?
You own your Crystal Sands residence in fee where the title is registered in the Costa Rican National Registry.

Is title insurance is available?
Yes, Crystal Sands has title insurance and it can be obtained for any residence if desired.

How is ownership held in Costa Rica?
Typically ownership is held by a Costa Rican Corporation which is owned by an individual, group, corporation, or limited liability company.

Is financing available in Costa Rica?
Yes, financing in Costa Rica varies in availability based on the credit of the purchaser.

How do I get started to really understand the purchasing process of Crystal Sands and Costa Rica?
This is the single biggest question of all and it requires you to take a leap of faith by making contact with Crystal Sands to begin an individual dialog based on you and your specific questions and buying situation. We value your time as we do our own and we will treat you with respect - you can count on us!