Affordable Luxury in Costa Rica

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If you cannot afford or choose not to purchase a whole Crystal Sands Unit perhaps Co-Ownership would interest you. Co-Ownership is done in several ways from Timeshare to Destination Clubs to Private Residence Clubs to Fractional Ownership. At Crystal Sands we believe you should receive the value in your unit and have all rights that an owner of a whole unit has. In co-Ownership at Crystal Sands you own the unit in common with others much like a partnership or tenant-in-common ownership and you receive the appreciation and other benefits of ownership just like you would if you owned a whole unit. The only limiting condition is that you coordinate with the other Co-Owners your time of use. Like a partnership or tenant-in-common ownership the Co-Owners byway of a written agreement determine how the Crystal Sands unit will be used and the Co-Owner has the right to sell at anytime or convey the unit for estate purposes just like in whole ownership.

Why buy lesser quality real estate and compromise your vacation, retirement, or future appreciation when you could own a Crystal Sands unit with Langosta Beach off you back terrace! At Crystal Sands we can make your dream of ownership a reality. You deserve to enjoy the affordable luxury of Crystal Sands so take a look at the Crystal Sands Co-Ownership program.

Unit 303 is being offered in eight Fractional Ownership interests for $129,000 each. Please click here to request more information.